Dandy N- freelance seamstress, designer, machinist, creator.

Dandy N is me, Neroli, and my sewing studio, based in Brunswick, Melbourne.

I wear different hats. I am an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited “micro” manufacturer, who specialises in helping independent designers and labels turn their ideas into realities. My main focus is creating relationships and encouraging growth in the local industry, in whatever capacity.

No two days are the same, with repairs and alterations, commercial sewing, homewares and fashion, even factory sewing.

My other focus is teaching people (both children and adults) to sew. Both as a technical skill, and as a way to shift focus from day to day, and to encourage creativity as a form of time out. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in teaching classes and workshops in several sewing studios, including Second Stitch, Olympic Adult education, Bridge Darebin, and Sew this Pattern. I also hold workshops in BRUDI (formerly known as The Brunswick Business Incubator), where my studio is situated.

I am passionate about ethical production and sustainable practices, and try to incorporate it as much as possible into my everyday work.  The basis of my own personal design practice revolves around minimising waste in regards to design, production, and consumption.

I believe in the power of group thought- creating  support with like minded artists and individuals. My goal is to be able to create a network which enables designers, artists and creatives to work together to develop their ideas and turn them into production, and work with the community to enable more opportunities for growth and development.