So, I decided it was time. I might not be the most technologically competent, or articulate, ( I make dresses, not websites), but it’s time I did this. After the past year battling budgets, and through the piles of information from the industry (who would have thought there were laws on sewing for people!!) I remain confident in my plans. In my stratosphere, there are many talented people, who can hopefully work together. I feel lucky to live in Northcote, and work in Brunswick, and be surrounded by so many creative awesome people. A child is raised by a village, so therefore maybe industry and innovation must come from community?! Well, on the dawn of the new year, it’s surely time to find out…

2 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. Hi Nerilee (hope that’s correct spelling!)

    It’s Tamara here from Lulamae. I’m actually enquiring for my other job at Breathe Architecture.
    We need some very basic curtains made up for an apartment block we are doing. We are looking at about 12 bedroom curtains in total. Would you be interested in quoting?
    A little bit about Breathe Architecture, we are an ethical, sustainable architecture practice trying to deliver affordable housing in Melbourne and ideally look for smaller, artisan makers to work on our jobs.

    Here’s our website

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Hello Neroli,
    I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a while, as I think we have a few passions in common.
    I’ve been working with Kate Galbraith and Janis Morgan, all under our own labels, and together as Collective3. I’m very much still finding my way for my little slow fashion label, and I’ve had a few ups and downs along the way (of course). You sound like just the person I need to help me turn my treasured fabric collection into sellable products. I’m also a fabric printer (which you probably already know, as we’ve recently started following each other on Instagram) with my own little home shed-studio for printing. I’m a self-taught sewer, so I appreciate your making skills, as I still have a fair way to go to reach a professional standard. I’ve had Janis make a shirt pattern for me that I’m rather excited about, and I have cut out two shirts in each size (S,M,L, total of 6 shirts). Please contact me if you’re interested in making these up for me? The fabric is a beautiful 100% cotton, men’s shirting fabric I bought from Phillip’s Shirts last year. I’m on Messenger, and my mobile is 0410 089 386.
    best wishes,

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